Ryan Refuses To Leak!


This is a picture of Sonic Youth. From Arthurfest. Keep reading for more…

Elliott Smith has new tunes out. Chad at Everybody Cares, Everybody Understandshas posted one – check it out.

I just got home from a great NorCal trip – saw the grandparents and the gf. Her hair was, miraculously, brunette. And cutey-shorty-wavy. Awww. But now I’m back/from outer space, which means it’s time for NEW RECORDZ:

Detwiije – Would You Rather Be Followed By Forty Ducks For The Rest Of Your Life? is a very, very excellent post-rock album that actually (I promise) isn’t boring or use cheesy LOUD GUITAR BREAKDOWNZ to finish every song. You can check out some samples at their website, here.

The inimitable Amir Nezar wrote a more serious review of them over on the Glow, if you’re interested.

Some first day, huh?

Speaking of the ‘Glow, I reviewed day 1 of Arthurfest and David Gray’s somewhat disappointing new album last week.