Talkin’ ’bout a true love

Ryan, if you’d leaked two days earlier, you’d be getting a four-paw review in the Bruin next week. Instead, Sub Pop Records hooked us up like WHOA so Wolf Parade got the obligatory four-paw-er.

Oh well. Anyway, this new WHY? album is pretty great if you like Fog or awkward semi-hip white guys babbling over folktronica.

Download “Sanddollars” (also on the Sanddollars EP, natch). This sucka’s out on Anticon. (Alfred Lee on Anticon Records: “Oh, Anticon. Nobody cares about them anymore.” But WE care, right? OK, whatevs.)

(P.S. this album is sick:

But I don’t have any mp3s for you. Do what you can to find them.)