And in the end… / Constantines

I don’t care if it’s not ballsy. The new Constantines album is incredible, minus the two songs that Bryan Webb doesn’t sing on. Sorry, other guy. Here’s the most PJ Harvey-esque song on the album, and probably the best along with “Soon Enough.”

Love In Fear: mp3 (courtesy of Sub Pop, who definitely wins Label of the Year if I could give that award)

The lists you make are equal to the lists you take.

I’m compiling my year-end top 25. It’s pretty solid right now, but if you have any left-field surprises or thoughts on things I should revisit (as of now, Spoon is not making to the list. Sleater-Kinney is. I have no idea how I’m going to rank Beck, especially because I’m the only person who still likes that album) let me know. As Locke said on Lost last week, this is at least a two-man job. I haven’t even listened to Eluvium, for instance. Should I? You tell me.

Anyway. Comment. Send links. Substantial changes have already been made to what I was expecting a few months ago (Sufjan will be lucky to make top 5), so everything’s up in the air.

(PS I’m looking for one really, really great pick rather than more top 10s. I can only listen to so much. Thanks guys!)