Baby you’re in luck

Photo by Cindy Koh, courtesy of the Daily Bruin.

Broken Social Scene were pretty good last night. You can read a full review of the show here, but essentially:
1. Feist is totally amazing
2. The new chick is not
3. YFIIP songs > BSS songs
4. Feist made the band about 10x better.

May as well use this as an excuse to post live BSS trax, yeah?

“Jimmy And The Photocall” (8.07.04, Stockholm): mp3
“Shorelines (7/4)” (8.07.04): mp3

The full show shouldn’t be that hard to find online.

More importantly, three new Elliott Smith studio tracks leaked. Our friend Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands has them.

DC Comic’s Infinity Crisis is progressing pretty interestingly, so far. I recommend it.