Being sick and having a class where attendance is mandatory sucks. Although I guess it’s better than having a real job, eh?

It’s time for another comic book post, because I think I like comics more than music again (the last time this happened was probably middle school).

One of my latest discoveries is The Walking Dead, which you can purchase as single issues or trade paperbacks from your local comic book vendor. Great thing about comic stores is that they encourage your patronage by often offering substantial discounts – Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash in Westwood hooks up us “pull list” customers with %15-20 off. Noice.

Anyway, The Walking Dead is about zombies. It starts out a bit like the film 28 Days Later — dude is in a coma, wakes up in a hospital, discovers America is full of zombies. WHOA. Turns out his wife and son are still alive, though there’ve been some complications with his best friend Shane. Madness ensues. It’s supposed to be an endless zombie film, but the great thing about it is it’s the people that are the focus, not the zombies (who are slow moving and pretty much pushovers, if you ask me). A ton of the characters get killed, so don’t get too attached to anyone.

Speaking of comics, I wrote an article on the new MOCA/UCLA Hammer Museum exhibit in today’s Bruin. I also did an interview with Stan Lee a little while ago that I can’t remember posting.

In CMG news, I swear a whole fucking lot in this Ninja High School review, continue to adore Okkervil River, and interview the very intelligent guy behind Clue To Kalo.