Happy Hanukkah, Pt. 1

I missed last night, but can I make up for it with a couple tracks from the new Band of Horses? Sub Pop is so trustworthy after the last six months that if they put out a bad record anytime soon, I’ll consider it a slap in the face.

RIYL: My Morning Jacket + Shins. Heavier on the MMJ. Pitchfork is either going to give it an 8.3 and a “Best New Music” or a brush-off 7.6 and be like “This is a’ight” while everybody else loves the shit out of it, all The National style.

Band of Horses – “The First Song”: mp3
Band of Horses – “Part One”: mp3

The record is called Everything All The Time and is due out March 21st. By the way, it’s still 2005 right now.

Coincidentally I listened to most of Patti Smith’s Horses tonight and liked it, even though it sounds like a hipster cliche. I know, I know, it’s the other way around, but you know what I mean.