The Rob Gordon Shuffle Overdrive

This man needs to stop drinking beer at New Pornographers shows.

Not to be a tease, but somehow CMG has all these unreleased VanGaalen tracks and they are nuts. Check out that record, guys. And if you haven’t watched the “Clinically Dead” video yet, well shit.

Anyway. Records. Yeah yeah yeah:

Maritime – “Twins”: mp3
So I guess this is technically an ’05 release (in Japan), which means you’ll probably see it and other late-comer Margot & Friends on The Rawking Refuses To Stop!‘s year-end top 50. Which will be slightly different than the list I submitted to the Bruin, which was slightly different than the list I submitted to CMG…etc. Anyway, this song is great. Sounds like what Nada Surf and Death Cab would if they were awesome.

The Spinto Band – “Did I Tell You?”: mp3
Another slept-on band. Somewhere between The Strokes and Art Brut and amazing hooks. This is almost too good to be hipster material — and kicks this shit out of that Mediocrity Is All record.

Hi there, 2006:
Destroyer – “Rubies”: mp3
I haven’t even listened to this yet, but I’m sure it’s totally alskhfalsjdlah!!~!!!!1211111

EDIT: Yeah, it is. 9 minutes of Destroyer, OMG.

By the way, guys, there’s going to a gigantic Elliott Smith post (again, I know, but worth your while) on Tuesday, so if you’re one of the people e-mailing me about getting ahold of Basement II I’ll post it up one last time.


The Rob Gordon Shuffle is a weekly Sunday rundown of songs without any particular regard to genre or timeliness. It is absolutely not a top 5.