And We’re Back


Neil Young – “Southern Man”: mp3
Neil Young – “I Am A Child”: mp3

Of all my favorite musicians, I don’t think any embody that sense of rock ‘n’ roll FUCK YEAH as much as Neil. The way he approaches rock and folk is pretty much unequalled – I can make some parallels to Elliott Smith, who had the best influences ever – just judging by his covers, that’s Neil, The Beatles, and Big Star. And he was as good as all of them. Anyway. If Decade was an album and not a greatest hits, it would be the best album ever. As is, only the two-disc Bowie greatest hits even comes close. The production on “Southern Man,” particularly the jammy aspects (the piano just drops in and out) and that scorching guitar tone is so ridiculous. “I Am A Child” is a perfect song. The harmonica is so mournful and the lyrics brilliantly capture that sense of childhood wonder we can all identify with.

Elliott Smith – “Out On The Weekend” (live Neil Young cover): mp3
Not sure exactly when this is from, but the quality’s pretty nice.

Continue the Neil fix over at Thrasher’s Wheat, the Neil Young news blog, and read Rolling Stone interviews conducted with him by a 16- and 20-year-old Cameron Crowe. Maybe I can score a Neil interview in the next 5 months and then I’ll be right on pace to write for RS this summer. Hi there, Mr. Fricke!

Aside after reading this interview: Ryan Adams is following Neil’s career path exactly, albeit with a little less talent. I approve.