Look Up, Look Out

Per usual, The Short-term Memory Refuses To Start! and I forgot to post tracks from the Hanukkah indie-pop comp, the 2005 “Albums I just found out about” round-up, and the obscure Motown singles.

My girlfriend is coming to visit me tomorrow, so probably none of that is going to happen this week. An attempt to do some serious make-up blogging for the coming days of paused Rawking:

One of my favorite power-pop records, The Salteens’ Let Go Of Your Bad Days, was finally released in the states a few weeks back after a two-year delay. You can apparently buy it direct from Boompa for FIVE dollars. Do yourselves a favor, guys.

Salteens – “Let Go Of Your Bad Days”: mp3
Salteens – “You Stood Out From The Crowd”: mp3

Elliott Brood do dusty, scary-as-shit Americana musings. Think M. Ward wandering by torchlight through the dark forests of The Legend of Sleepy Hallow. Only they’re Canadian, but all the good bands are these days.

Elliott Brood – “Wolfgang”: mp3
Elliott Brood – “Johnny Rooke”: mp3

Beck is, according to this ostensibly well-researched article, a Scientologist. With an 8th grade education. Somehow that seems hard to believe. I met him briefly at a Westwood screening of “La Dolce Vita” a couple years back and he was nice enough to sign my friend’s Coachella shirt. Aside from his excellent taste in film, he does a great cover song.

Beck – “Pink Moon”: mp3
(Thanks to Gorilla Vs. Bear for this one)

The Perm & The Skullet is hosting Neil Young’s not-available-on-CD album Time Fades Away. I just acquired a copy myself, and will tell you that you need to hear this record. Check it out, and the rest of his excellent blog.

I saw Brokeback Mountain tonight and it was profoundly affecting. Very understated and well-crafted – no Big Important Monologues, no heavy-handed Moral Judgements, just fantastic acting and a very realistic story that doesn’t point any fingers. Plus The Rawking Refuses To Stop!‘s official favorite actress Anne Hathaway is in it.

See you kids in a few days.