The Country Singer, Not The Song

I’m seeing Calexico tonight and have a paper due, so we’ll take a day off from Elliott.

The cheeseball intro got cut, but I reviewed Jenny Lewis today for CMG. It’s good, as you the enterprising blog reader already know. I like that she doesn’t try to be anything she’s not or pull some weirdo experimental shit – it’s just a nice listen. Unlike that Elected record, which I got through about 2 minutes of before calling it a night.

Jenny Lewis – “Big Guns”: mp3
Jenny Lewis – “Born Secular”: mp3
Download/buy the whole thing from Team Love.

She would’ve gotten a much lower score had I had the chance to listen to this song first, though. Good God. Between this and Destroyer (and Magic Numbers, but y’know), the New Pornographers are kind of moot.

Neko Case – “Star Witness”: mp3
(from the upcoming Fox Confessor Brings The Flood)

How weird was LOST last night? I can already see Locke joining the Others and turning into an evil mastermind after a failed attempt to hook up with Claire.