Ambient Series: Beethoven

Weren’t expecting this one, huh? The “9 Beet Stretch” is a product of 4DTV Park radio: Beethoven’s 9th Symphony slowed down and extended to 24 hours, without any pitch-shifting or slow-motion effects. It just sounds like the best ambient music ever made – slow moving, gorgeous atmospherics, but with a structural integrity and direction (it being Beethoven) missing from droning (read: boring) tape loops.

You can stream it 24 hours a day here.

Or, download extensive chunks of it here. Sample (warning – gigantic file, right-click save-as):

Beethoven – “9 Beet Stretch”: mp3


The Ambient Series showcases the best in electronic, downbeat, drone, folk and other instrumental genres. Previously: Chihei Hatakeyama