Each Coming Night

If you’ve ever seen Iron & Wine live, you know that his voice takes on a whole new level of richness without studio microphones to get in the way. His singing has become more confident with every passing year – when I saw him with Calexico, he was improvising harmonies and really using the whole potential of his voice.

Iron & Wine – “Faded From The Winter” (iTunes Sessions): mp3

His sister Sarah adds another level of gauze-like otherworldliness to this song. You can get the whole exclusive live session from iTunes.

Also, the Iron & Wine fansite Passing Afternoon is a great resource for live and rare/unreleased material – which I&W has quite a lot of. I highly recommend the 6.28.03 Amstel Festival, available on the site’s media page.

Iron & Wine – “Upward Over The Mountain” (6.28.03): mp3
Iron & Wine – “Free Until They Cut Me Down” (6.28.03): mp3

I believe this particular recording is a soundboard. There’s an audience recording that exists of this show – I know because I have one track of it – and it’s a really warm and gorgeous tape, so if anybody has it, please share.

Buy I&M goodies at his website or Sub Pop Records.

The Perm & Skullet has a completely essential live Neil Young show – Massey Hall, 1971 – up for download. Don’t miss it.

Rawking favorite Division Day was kind enough to link me on their page, as well as post a couple more “traxxx” from the upcoming Beartrap Island (you can pre-order it now) in their downloads section. I’m down.

According to Rolling Stone,

And if that weren’t enough, (Beck is) also scoring and writing tunes for director Jared Hess’ follow-up to Napoleon Dynamite, starring Jack Black. “No filmmaker since Fellini has had such an eye for amazing characters,” says Beck. “So it’s called Nacho Libre — it’s about monks who secretly want to be wrestlers. They have pointy white boots and tights under their robes.”

I met Beck, briefly, at a screening of Fellini’s La Dolce Vita the week after Coachella 2003. He was kind of amazed that someone recognized him in all his shaggy David Spade glory, but he autographed my friend’s shirt.

He’ll also be touring this summer with Radiohead. HOLY SHIT LJaljskdf;lashdfl;ahsdf

Tomorrow = live Radiohead day. See you then.