Me and the Bees

photo by Chrisnj

Phil Elverum, currently known as Mount Eerie, formerly Phil Elvrum, known as The Microphones releases more songs than any musician I can think of besides Ryan Adams. His latest project is participating in the Twenty Bees series. The idea is to release limited-edition vinyl-singles-as-art — with runs limited to 20 copies a piece, each one will be packaged and uniquely handmade by the artists themselves.

The vinyl is doubtlessly sold out, and kind of the point of the project was for it to be “hard to spread around” digitally, but, uh, anyway:

Mount Eerie – “I Hold Nothing”: mp3
Mount Eerie – “Human”: mp3

Buy Phil goodies / Twenty Bees

Also, the Mount Eerie Preservation Society has an abundance of high quality Elverum live shows, featuring incredible acoustic versions of some of the songs from his last several records as well as things that can’t be found anywhere else. I suggest the Bard College show.