"Now I have my L.A. gun story."

It makes sense, I promise.

So I locked myself out of my car in West Hollywood last night. Otherwise, The National were fantastic and the only disappointment of the show was the merch table running out of medium brown t-shirts. More details when I write it up for the Glow.

I may not be having the best week ever, but after watching four episodes of Entourage, those guys definitely are. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s like perpetual wish fulfillment – one dude becomes an actor, has a hit film, and starts living the good life with his three buddies along for the ride. Plus Anna from The O.C. totally hooks up with the nerdy guy in season one.

Anyway gang, it’s almost April and you know what that means: time for Music Industry Sweeps Month. Here’s a few of my picks from the next couple weeks. (Right-click, etc.)

Crystal Skulls – “Baby Boy”: mp3
From Blocked Numbers, out April 11 on Suicide Squeeze Records

Aloha – “Your Eyes”: mp3
From Some Echoes, out April 11 on Polyvinyl Records

Maritime – “Calm”: mp3
Maritime – “Parade of Punk Rock T-Shirts”: mp3
From We, The Vehicles, out April 18 on Flameshovel Records