The Great Outdoors

Parks and Recreation reminds me of Sarah Records and Belle & Sebastian – but are by no means a twee pop band. There’s a distinctly masculine quality to the music, in part thanks to the presence of electric guitars and Michael Johnson’s earnest-but-not-fey vocals. The five members of the band are also all male, so y’know. Saturday Looks Good To Me, and looking back, Carole King are also apt comparisons. It’s sunny, medium-fi pop music – perfect for the burgeoning hints of springtime.

What Was She Doing On The Shore That Night? is the band’s debut album. Check it out.

Parks and Recreation – “I Tried To Date The Singer In A Band”: mp3
Parks and Recreation – “Break Into Song”: mp3

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The first single from the upcoming Rose Melberg (ex-Softies, Tiger Trap) album, “Take Some Time,” is streaming at Double Agent Records. It’s really, really, really gorgeous.

Raise your hand if you hope Volchok (or Bill Gates, or anybody) breaks Marissa’s heart again. The plot is moving slower than a Jane Austen novel.