V For Poor Adaptation

First thing’s first: if you’re looking for a new mix to listen to this weekend, this month’s Cokemachineglow podcast (compiled by myself) is available here. 17 songs, including Centro-matic, Sea Snakes, Mount Eerie, Maritime and more.

This is more of a Soul Sides-type post, but it’s pretty cool so I thought it’d put it up anyway. I recently stumbled upon an early, 1964 Supremes album called A Bit of Liverpool. I’m sure you’ll recognize the songs.

The Supremes – “A Hard Day’s Night”: mp3
The Supremes – “House of the Rising Sun”: mp3

I saw V For Vendetta after reading the graphic novel a couple days back, and the film adaptation as an adaptation is pretty awful. The Wachowski-isms are so obvious – I won’t ruin anything for you, but the love story, the viruses, the background of Natalie Portman’s character are all kind of disputing the comic book. Anyway though, as a film standing on its own, it was great. So my advice to you is, go see it if you’re interested and then, for the love of God, pick up Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s trade (get the hardcover – it’s 37% off on Amazon) and spend an afternoon with it.