The Rob Gordon Shuffle, 4.23.06

You’d think I was posting NIN or Pavement side-projects or something

Burd Early – “Phonecall Away”: mp3
I would call this one “atmospholk,” except that coining my own genre didn’t take off that well. This is one of my favorite songs of all time and I’ve used it on far too many mix tapes – slow, wistful, uses 6th chords, completely beautiful, etc. The album, Leveler, is nearly as good. Look for a post on this guy’s more recent stuff next week.

Mark Kozalek – “Up To My Neck In You” (live): mp3
As Red House Painters and Sun Kil Moon, Koz has an extensive discography. Lots of it is pretty hit-and-miss, at least for me, but he has such a great live presence that even the filler sounds fantastic. Not that this song is filler.

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