You’re a Big Girl Now

Just started cruising through the Bob Dylan discography. So far, Blood On The Tracks is still my favorite, but I’m going to give all of them a chance.

Like any prolific songwriter (Ryan Adams comes to mind…), his Bobness has an overwhelming number of bootlegs and unreleased material. Some of the best of it can be found on the five-volume Genuine Basement Tapes, a greatly expanded collection that the official 1975 Basement Tapes release only hinted at. You can read a more extensive and well-researched explanation and history here, but all you really need to know is that this is Dylan and The Band having a good time playing music, with results to match.

Whatever hallucinogenic state you may or may not be in today, here are some highlights from Volume 1:

Bob Dylan – “All You Have To Do Is Dream”: mp3
Bob Dylan – “Baby Ain’t That Fine”: mp3
Bob Dylan – “A Fool Such As I”: mp3
Bob Dylan – “One For The Road”: mp3

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