Ambient Series: Daedalus

Like his wily namesake, Daedalus is a tireless creator. Last year’s Exquisite Corpse demonstrated his abilities as a hip-hop producer and featured the mic work of MF Doom and TTC, but new release Denies The Day’s Demise is a step in another direction. Influenced by the soundscapes of tropicalia and classic film scores, the album nods to these styles while following Fennesz into the foggy world of electronica. Upbeat enough for your summer roadtrip, downtempo enough to chill out with by the pool. Which I’ll for sure be doing as soon as I move into my new apartment.

There will be a record release party in Santa Monica on May 16 – and if you think watching a dude twiddle knobs for an hour will be boring, go see the man play.

Daedalus – “Sundown”: mp3
Daedalus – “Like Clockwork Springs”: mp3

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