Ambient Series: Ilyas Ahmed

Ilyas Ahmed is a mysterious character. From what little information exists online, I’ve discovered that he’s self-released a pair of CD-R albums as well hooking up with Time-Lag Records for his current disc, Century of Moonlight, and a vinyl-only album for later in the year. He also lives in Portland, so look him up next time you’re in the area.

Ahmed’s music is organic, primarily guitar-based, and often includes his own vocals – both wordless and lyrical. Closer to the drone-folk of Six Organs of Admittance than the more “proper” ambient I’ve been posting in the Ambient Series, his songs are meandering and ghostlike but also very intense.

Century of Moonlight is a limited-run CD-R release, numbered at 222 copies – so I suggest you get yours now.

Ilyas Ahmed – “Your One Mind”: mp3
Ilyas Ahmed – “Softly, Tomorrow”: mp3

Buy from Time-Lag Records / Read an interview with Ahmed

The Ambient Series showcases the best in electronic, downbeat, drone, folk and other instrumental genres. Previously: Mountains / Beethoven / Chihei Hatakeyama

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