Be Kind, Rewind

The problem with trying to listen to stacks of promos is you only have so much time, and quite honestly I’d rather just give Destroyer’s Rubies a few more spins than sit through several hours of what’s often overwhelmingly mediocre material.

However, every once in a while there’s a really great song on an otherwise marginally interesting album. Goldspot‘s “Rewind” is one of those songs, 3 minutes and 34 seconds (it would be even better without the outro) of gripping earnestness and undeniable melody. The rest of Tally of the Yes Men is likeable enough, to be sure, but none of it strikes with the same quivering urgency of the album’s first track. “In The Post,” a reverb-laden piano ballad, finishes the album off on a similarly strong note.

Goldspot – “Rewind”: mp3
Goldspot – “In The Post”: mp3

(Hear more on MySpace / Buy from the band’s Web site)

I did stumble on a few more goodies tonight, one of them being the fantastic new Oneida album Happy New Year. Tracks from that coming as soon as Jagjaguwar gives the ok, but until then this song from The Wedding is worth your attention.

Oneida – “Run Through My Hair”: mp3

How ridiculous was LOST last night? Oh man. Should make up for what’ll probably be a complete trainwreck of an O.C. season finale tonight. Needless to say, I’ll be watching every minute.

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