Don’t Reach Out, Phil

The Mount Eerie Preservation Society has posted a show a friend of mine recorded at UCLA back in 2003. For fans of Phil Elverum/The Microphones/Mount Eerie’s work circa The Glow Pt. 2, his live shows are fantastic – great songs, fun crowd interaction and no weirdo experimentation. Unfortunately, the live shows are the only place to hear gems like “As Good As It Got” – however, thanks to bootlegs like this one, the songs haven’t been lost. This particular performance was warm, intimate, and overall one of the best shows I’ve ever attended.

Mount Eerie – “As Good As It Got” (live): mp3
Mount Eerie – “Let’s Get Out Of The Romance” (live): mp3
Mount Eerie – “I Felt Your Shape” (live, by my request!): mp3

Download the full concert here, and be sure to check out the rest of The Mount Eerie Preservation Society for more shows and a thriving fan community.

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