Step On It, Sucker

So the first Die Hard? Incredible movie.

Back to blogging as usual. I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend. Me, I could use another one but so it goes.

I may as well make a couple of announcements now. Some of you know I was in the running for the mysterious MTV/Rolling Stone project – I had an interview a few weeks back (if I talk about it, they sue me for a million bucks) but I didn’t make the final cut. Instead, I’ll be interning at Billboard magazine this summer and I couldn’t be more excited. Starting in two weeks, I’m also being promoted to the position of Arts & Entertainment editor at the UCLA Daily Bruin, which means more top 10 lists in the paper. A lot more.

After a few weeks off, I’ve returned to writing for Cokemachineglow, and that brings us (finally. *phew* sorry gang) to some mp3s. I’ve blogged about Pants Yell! before right here. The band’s Recent Drama is one of the most likeable albums of the year, and I think whether or not you like indie-pop, you’ll feel the same way. Here’s my CMG review and some songs to go with it:

Pants Yell! – “Kids Are the Same”: mp3
Pants Yell! – “Your Feelings Don’t Show”: mp3

(Buy Recent Drama direct from Asaurus Records)

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