Yankee Hotel Flame-out

If you’re a fan of Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot or seen the excellent I Am Trying To Break Your Heart documentary, you’re well aware that tensions between the band members were running high and Jeff Tweedy’s migraines were wrecking havoc. What I’m about to post is a piece of studio banter from the YHF sessions, with Tweedy, Jim O’Rourke and Jay Bennett discussing how to mix a track properly. It’s a pretty interesting look at the band’s dynamic in a way the documentary didn’t quite capture.

Wilco – YHF Sessions Studio Banter: mp3

In case you don’t figure it out, the track is a parody. But a pretty fucking funny one, huh? I was going to post a video of one of the new Wilco songs from Conan O’Brien but it was removed from YouTube. Sorry guys.

Also, some good news – I’m the Daily Bruin’s new A&E editor starting this summer, which means waaaay more stories about comic books.

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