Critical Backlash: Pitchfork creates Infinite Mixtape, kills MP3 blogging

Ordinarily if you were looking for mildly humorous, snarky commentary on new music and tons of great tracks, I’d tell you to read through my archives. But, uh, Pitchfork‘s done me one (or two, or infinity) better – taking their lead from Cokemachineglow’s monthly podcast, the largest indie-centric site on the Internet is offering a semi-regular, commentary-free (phew) continuous mixtape – track after track after track, some taken from links around the Web, but others hosted by themselves. Each one comes with the artist’s page, their MySpace, and a label link too. I’m lucky if I can be arsed to link up anything.

The first one has a range of stuff: Boris, Camera Obscura, Beirut, Petra Haden’s amazing a capella cover of “God Only Knows”…anyway gang, what I’m saying is, it’s awesome and I’m jealous. Just promise me you’ll come back when your free music fix wears off. Or grab one of them here (ha! As Darkwing Duck might say, “Suck bandwith, evil music blog!”):

Petra Haden – “God Only Knows”: mp3 (right-click, save-as)


Critical Backlash is a column where I complain about writers who don’t agree with me.

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