Golden Smog

Funny, it’s usually more hazy brown out here in Los Angeles.

Golden Smog are an alt-country supergroup of sorts, mostly thanks to Jeff “Migraine” Tweedy’s participation as well as that of members of The Jayhawks, Soul Asylum, Big Star and more. If you’re not familiar with them, new album Another Fine Day (out Tuesday, and their first since 1998’s Weird Tales) is as good an introduction as any: it’s pretty beautiful. “Long Time Ago” is a gorgeous Tweedy-fronted track (dude has time to make this record and Loose Fur’s disc but no new Wilco record, huh?), while the title track is a noisy, ramshackle bar band tune.

It’s all quite impressive, if you’re into this stuff. The single’s a little more pop than the rest of the disc, but no less awesome:

Golden Smog – “5-22-02”: mp3

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