Live, One Night Only!

image courtesy of Perrific

You read about him on Pitchfork this morning – now you, dear Los Angeles reader, can go see the incomparable Jon Brion at Largo tonight. JB has been on sabbatical from his longterm Friday night residency there to rest his tendonitis-stricken strumming hand and doesn’t have any more dates scheduled, so this may be The End. Personally, I’m hoping he pulls a Ryan Adams and comes back from his injury with three albums and a soundtrack.

I’ve only seen Jon play once (and it was incredible), but considering tonight is a special show of sorts, maybe we’ll see some of his famous guests – Grant-Lee Phillips, perhaps, or Fiona Apple? I’m holding out for Kanye. Anyway, gang, I’ll see you all there. I’ll be the guy at the bar in the red track jacket who’s really excited.

Jon Brion – “Strings That Tie To You”: mp3

Download a wealth of amazing JB demos here.

On another note, I have a very long post about Weezer typed up and set to go, but my Internet at home was down and the saved version is still mid-draft, so I’ll have it up later tonight. Needless to say, =W= forever.

Nextbook has an interesting interview with Sufjan Stevens – the writer, a Jewish guy, embraces Stevens’ Christian-centered music but dislikes Saul Bellow. Stevens explains his fascination with Bellow and what the song “Saul Bellow” is about, which then leads the writer to pick up The Adventures of Augie March and change his mind. Solid stuff. I also heartily recommend reading Augie March.