Hot Cookin’

Mark Abraham from Cokemachineglow is here, and we spent yesterday cruising through Santa Monica, witnessing an epic car accident in front of Amoeba, and having my car battery die. Through the whole thing, we kept our heads up and stayed calm and collected, because we were listening to the best underground hip-hop group of the year: The Red Giants. Dudes make beats like Emeril makes fancy seafood dishes with a smooth garlic sauce. I don’t know what Emeril’s signature dish is (“Bam!”) but these guys serve up tasty track after tasty track, and the rhymes are just as good. If you like feel-good, sample-heavy hip-hop, the Red Giants are for you.

The Red Giants – “They Say”: mp3 (right-click, save-as)

(Check out another track and buy the record on MySpace)