Live Recordings: Radiohead – 6.29.06, Los Angeles CA

I went to see Radiohead at the Greek Theater last month and didn’t have much to show for it at the time. Now I do. It was probably the best concert I’ve ever seen in my life, which is mostly because we had great seats and the new songs were incredible. This isn’t the best bootleg ever (still waiting on a soundboard from this tour), but it’s a good one. Highlights of the show included a slow version of the rarely played and as yet unreleased “Follow Me Around” being segued into “Everything In Its Right Place,” an energetic version of “The Bends” and over half of Kid A being performed – not to mention every time Thom Yorke heckled the L.A. crowd for requesting “Creep.”

Download the full show (update: the links are down.):

Radiohead – 6.29.06, Los Angeles CA: Zip

Selected tracks:

Radiohead – “Follow Me Around / Everything In Its Right Place” (live): mp3
Radiohead – “Arpeggi” (live): mp3
Radiohead – “All I Need” (live): mp3


Live Recordings is a column devoted to live, legal concert bootlegs. This is the first installment in the series.