More like the short summers

Joanna Newsom is so this morning. Have we talked about the new Long Winters album yet? It sounds like the old Long Winters album but more straightforward. I’d blame the infamous Chris Walla touch, but songwriter/singer etc. John Roderick produced Putting The Days To Bed himself. Borat: “Niiice.” If you don’t have the last L-Dubs album (When I Pretend To Fall, a The Rawking Refuses To Stop! retroactive top 25 album of 2003 – look for that list, someday), they sound like R.E.M. playing power-pop. “I just want you to say, come on!” OK alright, OK alright.

The Long Winters – “Pushover”: mp3
The Long Winters – “Ultimatum”: mp3

bonus: The Long Winters – “Stupid”: mp3
(from When I Pretend To Fall)

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