Elliott Smith: “The Biggest Lie”

Hello, it’s Chad from Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands, here to close out the Guest Blogger week at The Rawking Refuses to Stop. It’s a true honor to be here with you, as Dave runs one of the finest music blogs around and is also one of the nicest guys on the entire internets. I just hope I don’t break things around here too badly.

So, to start things off, I’m going to jump right in with some Elliott Smith. As Dave and I share a mutual obsessive love for Mr. Smith’s music, it seems only appropriate to make such a post right out of the gate. However, that’s not the only reason for what I’m bringing to you today…

If you’re a loyal reader of his blog (and you should be), you’ve no doubt noticed that Dave also happens to have a huge musical crush on Rose Melberg, both as a solo artist and in her work with her former band, The Softies. Well, as it just so happens, a pre-famous Elliott Smith was actually the opening act for The Softies at a few shows in 1996, and every so often Rose would come up on stage with Elliott to sing harmony on one of the very best songs he ever wrote, “The Biggest Lie”. The result was nothing short of heaven, as the two take a sad song – turn up the heartache an extra notch or two – and make it better.

(live at Stinkweeds, 2/13/96)

“The Biggest Lie” – Elliott Smith w/Rose Melberg (live at The Neal House, 3/6/96)