Guest Blogger Week!

Good news and bad news, pals. I’m heading up north for the next week to visit my grandparents and girlfriend (who, as many of you know, I haven’t seen all summer). But while I’m off recharging my batteries, The Rawking Refuses To Stop! is going to be all taken care of by a few of the world’s finest bloggers – Jennings from Rbally, Chad from Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands, Nikkie from Indie Don’t Dance and Mr. Satisfied ’75 himself from An Aquarium Drunkard. Make ’em feel at home.

When I get back: The long-waited Record Rawk recommendations for July and August (check out May/June here), that post I’ve been meaning to do on the early years of Belle & Sebastian and why Push Barman To Open Old Wounds is their best album, and of course, only the finest in new records and persnickety commentary. I might start a hip-hop column, even. I’m feeling frisky.

Can’t see you guys off without some songs, so finish off your summer right with this mini-mix*. Hopefully this has some more flow than the DJ at the party I was at last night — aside from technical problems (dude couldn’t segue to save his life), the set went something like Gnarls Barkley–>Bloc Party–>Rolling Stones–>Gnarls Barkley (again). The hipsters still got their dance on, though. Have a good week, everybody.

David Bowie – “Moonage Daydream”: mp3
Pilot – “Magic”: mp3
Michael Jackson – “Rock With You”: mp3
GZA/Genius – “Duel of the Iron Mic”: mp3

And (I can’t front) probably my favorite pop song of the summer:

Corinne Bailey Rae – “Put Your Records On”: mp3

*Heavily inspired by spending my nights watching TimeLife collection infomercials. Massive ’70s AM Gold post when I get back.