Ambient Series: Belong

It’s been quite some time since I’ve dove into the murky waters of a fresh ambient album. Not that I’m following the genre all that closely, but I haven’t found anything that exciting since writing on Eluvium’s latest EP some months back. Ambient being soooo exciting, but it is when we’re talking about Belong’s stunning debut. October Language is just about as good as this genre gets: Washes of sound that break against your ears with more force and ferocity than Eluvium’s gentle grey clouds; moments of spartan quiet that bristle with some lone instrument’s singular feedback; constant, unstoppable motion that sets up the listener flawlessly for the static monolith that closes the album.

So uh, shit is intense.

Belong – “Red Velvet Or Nothing”: mp3

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The Ambient Series showcases the best in electronic, downbeat, drone, folk and other instrumental genres. Previously: Eluvium / Growing / Daedalus / Iylas Ahmed / Mountains / Beethoven / Chihei Hatakeyama