Thoughts from Sound

Via Audio is a New York City indie-pop band that sounds like it’s really from Montreal — their brand of electric, adult indie-pop is more Stars than Interpol. The group doesn’t have an album out yet, but it has recorded what is to be its debut full-length (Say Something, the kind of hubris-filled title indie-pop bands somehow get away with thanks to hugs and irony) with Spoon’s Jim Eno. I’m not saying to leave a spot on your top 10 lists or anything, but what we’ve got so far is pretty tempting.

Via Audio – “We Can Be Good”: mp3
Via Audio – “Modern Day Saint”: mp3

(Check out more at the band’s Web site)

Bonus, for Halloween: Elliott Smith – “Alphabet Town”: mp3

The first time I listened to this song (and album), I thought it was too harrowing to ever listen to again. Still scary, guys.