Before It’s Too Late: Shelley Short’s "Captain Wild Horse (Rides the Heart of Tomorrow)"

I like the Jenny Lewis album, I really do. But this Shelley Short album is just better. She exudes the same cute charisma as Lewis without trying so hard: The singing is softer, the strumming is lighter, and the end result is that you don’t feel so worn out (or bored) by another disc of semi-serious campfire alt-country. That, and despite the cult of Rilo, Short is arguably the more accomplished songwriter. You’ll find yourself listening closely to pick out lines rather having to make apologies for them. “Like Anything, It’s Small” is a fragile declaration of heartbreak couched in a nonchalant waltz and it will make you smile through the single tear welling up at the corner of your right eye.

Shelley Short – “Like Anything, It’s Small”: mp3

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, Americans. I’m going up north to see my grandparents and probably won’t have Internet for a few days, so if I don’t see you this weekend, have a good one. When I get back: Lists. That’s right.

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