Hello, Autumn

Photo by David Greenwald

Today is basically Indie Rock Super Tuesday, what with the Shins, Of Montreal and Menomena (not to mention the Broken West, whose album is getting better all the time) all dropping major releases. All worth picking up, too. But considering you guys already downloaded them months ago, let’s not let this one go unnoticed, okay? Fair’s fair.

The Autumn Defense — whose Circles was one of my favorite albums of ’04 — have a new, self-titled full-length out now on the band’s own Broadmoor Records. The album is sort of more of the same, but there are a few stylistic differences from the soft strums of the last one. Several of these songs are much more rhythmic and energetic (read: bongos), though still close to the Defense’s trademark lazy pace. The guys are in straight-up Steven Stills mode here, which is fine with me. Did I mention Circles is one of my favorite records? And these guys play in Wilco? And John Stirratt is probably my favorite bassist in rock today? Because I should’ve.

The Autumn Defense – “Canyon Arrow”: mp3
The Autumn Defense – “This Will Fall Away”: mp3 (as Matt Skatterbrain would say, **highly recc’d!**)

(Buy The Autumn Defense from Broadmoor)


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