Live: Of Montreal @ The El Rey, 1.26.07 Los Angeles

All photos by David Greenwald

For most of the night, last night’s concert wasn’t an Of Montreal show. It was a Bar Mitzvah. The audience was filled to capacity with high school kids (the most I’ve ever seen at a show) and a DJ and “MC” opened and spun records for over an hour. And then Ariel Pink went on. Of Montreal didn’t start playing until 11:40, but oh man, was it worth it.

All photos by David Greenwald

These guys wasted one hour and 15 minutes of my time.

Ariel Pink, who I started out hating. They grew on me as their performance wore on, but they were total weirdos nonetheless.


Kevin Barnes is androgynous like whoa. And really, really cut. Check out those abs.

This is right before he tore one of his fishnets, momentarily flashing the audience a portion of his testicles. I’m sure a lot of 15-year-olds came away from this concert either unbelievably confused or thoroughly impressed.


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