Stoned Love

Photo by David Greenwald

If there was any justice, guys like Noah Stone would be all over radio stations like Star 98.7. He plays “adult alternative” or whatever (electric soft rock for the modern age), but listen to him sing “I’m ready to do anything / to make it work with you.” Then imagine Grammy nominee John Mayer singing the same thing. Stone could not be more sincere. Sincerity doesn’t excuse everything, of couse, and especially not cliche lyrics — but it’s got to count for something. That and some solid music (a strong, strange chorus on “Married to a Mystery” being one particularly noteworthy moment)? More than enough. He’s working on an album; you can continue this radio ballet on MySpace, if the fancy finds you.

Noah Stone – “Work With You”: mp3
Noah Stone – “Married To A Mystery”: mp3

(hear more on MySpace)


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