Working To Work

Photo by David Greenwald

Anyone who heard Field Music’s self-titled debut probably wasn’t very impressed. At least not the first time around. A few more spins, and it revealed itself as a lithe, intricate rock album with melodies as sharp as razors. Tones of Town, out Feb. 20 domestically, is more accessible, and importantly, better. The band’s style is as dizzying as ever — opening track “Give It Lose It Take It” has more sections than I can count — but as complicated as it gets, there’s more of a full-frontal attack than before, bolstered by heavier guitars and robust melodies. The best parts of the songs are the choruses, which emerge like tiny triumphs from the songs’ spiderwebs.

In a nutshell: they’re British, they’re a rock band and the songs are urgent and catchy but not like the Fray or anything. These guys are too smart for that.

Field Music – “In Context”: mp3
Field Music – “Kingston”: mp3

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