Blasting Through

Image courtesy of Lewis & Clarke

It’s been a while since we heard from Lewis & Clarke, but the band’s debut, Bare Bones and Branches, remains one of the best folk records in recent memory. Judging by “Before It Breaks You,” our first hint at the band’s upcoming Blasts Of Holy Birth, the new one is going to be even better. “Before It Breaks You” is the kind of intricate, gorgeous folk that Iron & Wine aimed for on Woman King — and at well over nine minutes, it’s even more ambitious. “Majesty Snowbird?” Psssh.

No MP3s yet, but you can hear a high-quality stream on L&C’s label site. Just click “launch player.”

Here’s one from the last record:

Lewis & Clarke – “Bare Bones and Branches”: mp3

(Check out his excellent radio performance on WPRB here — and buy it on vinyl!)


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