Cuban Linx #1

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted links on The Rawking Refuses To Stop! I don’t get out much. I’ll be at the free Simon Dawes show tonight to root on my pals the Intervals, though. But expect Cuban Linx to show up as a weekly feature. Or however often interesting things happen on the Internet.

Said the Gramophone has a great post on Julie Doiron comparing the old and new versions of “The Wrong Guy.”

You can buy Shearwater’s Palo Santo, last year’s best underrecognized folk album, from Misra for an unbelievable $4 until March 1. The band got signed by Matador and will reissue the record with new recordings this year, but I think the album’s just about perfect as is — see what I said about it in my Cokemachineglow review if you’re on the fence.

New-ish indie blog Pop Headwound has a can’t-miss compilation of the White Stripes’ complete Peel sessions, here.


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