Big News!

Photo by David Greenwald

That’s right, guys and gals — thanks to the Pledge Drive, The Rawking Refuses To Stop! now has real file hosting. That means you can just right-click, save-as every MP3 that ever gets posted on this blog ever again.

Might as well start with a good one. Dean & Britta, for those not in the know, are Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips, ex-Luna members and purveyors of dreamy, romantic pop. Their new record (and second as a duo), Back Numbers, is more of the same — smart, humorously poetic songs sung in Wareham’s deep monotone. It’s wistful stuff that seems to ease through the air like rainbow bubbles. That, and Britta’s a dead ringer for the singer from Mazzy Star on this track.

Dean & Britta – “Words You Used To Say”: mp3

(Back Numbers is out now on Rounder Records)


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