Cuban Linx #2

Seriously, starting today, I’m on a diet / photo by David Greenwald

Fluxblog has a must-read interview with Rolling Stone’s Rob “Gordon” (I made that up, nobody calls him that) Sheffield on life, love and mixtapes.

Paper Stereo has a three-part, three-day Coachella preview, complete with MP3s. I’ll be doing one of those right here eventually, even though I probably won’t be attending this year.

Rock Insider, who does much better concert coverage of Los Angeles than I do, has a snazzy new layout.

My good friend Alfred Lee reviewed the Grizzly Bear show from a couple weeks back. His is better than mine.


The first-ever The Rawking Refuses To Stop! Pledge Week is over. You can still donate, if you want, and the link will be up forever in the sidebar — but the good news is, it was a roaring success! As soon as I figure out which file-hosting service will give me the best deal and not get me sued, no more YouSendIt downloads. All right-click, save-as. Yeah, get excited.


Cuban Linx: Because I can’t post everything myself. Click below for more.