Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes

Photo by David Greenwald

Kathy Diamond makes intelligent dance music. I don’t mean IDM. I mean dance music that is actually enjoyable to nerdy, awkward non-drug users. But that’s not fair — drug users and people who aren’t awkward will like this too. Miss Diamond To You, out (as far as I can tell) later this year, is a disco record for people who don’t like disco, an electronic record for people who don’t like electronic music and an upbeat record for people who usually like sad acoustic folk (*raises hand*).

In other words, it’s catchy and funky and grooving. If the bass lines don’t hook you, her airy-but-soulful singing will. Usually when the in-crowd over at Hipinion likes something, it’s waaaay too weird for me, but Kathy makes the stars align.

Kathy Diamond – “All Woman”: mp3
Kathy Diamond – “Over”: mp3

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