Live: Sufjan Stevens @ All Tomorrow’s Parties, Long Beach 2004

All photos by David Greenwald

(Note: The Rob Gordon Shuffle wasn’t expecting to lose an hour in Daylight Savings Time so it’s taking the week off. Enjoy Sufjan.)

This was a great show. I’ve heard that some of the early Sufjan Stevens concerts weren’t much to blog home about, but this one was fantastic. Perhaps it was the venue (we were inside the Queen Mary), or the setlist, which was split even between Seven Swans and Michigan. Wolf Parade was on next, but this was before anybody knew who they were so we walked across the grounds to see the Walkmen instead. Turns out we missed a part of history. No apologies to the Queen Mary for me, though — ATP was as good or better than any festival I’ve attended since.

The always lovely Katrina Kerns (right).

Here’s a pair of tracks from a show he played a year later, in October 2005. Right-click, save-as.

Sufjan Stevens – “Chicago” (live): mp3
Sufjan Stevens – “All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands” (live): mp3


I bring my camera to shows. Click below for more, and look out for more photos from ATP 2004 soon.