Silver Morning After

Photo by David Greenwald

Okay, you probably bought it already, but if you haven’t yet, the new LCD Soundsystem is not a 9.2. I mean, it’s good. It’s a lot better than the debut and he actually made the effort to sequence it like an album, so it’s an enjoyable listen — but best of the year? When half the songs are anonymous, sub-Station to Station seven-minute dance tracks? Nah. I dunno about the critical consensus so far this year, guys. The Panda Bear record is great and (surprisingly) I have nothing but good things to say about most of Pitchfork’s Best New Music picks, but all the bloggers are talking about a Cloud Cult record that I deleted after one listen. I feel like Neil Young singing “Old Man.”

That said, there are two really incredible songs on Sound of Silver. “All My Friends” is the best song a young U2 never wrote, an anthem about the usual stuff — regret and time and mistakes. “New York I Love You” is either a great fake Billy Joel song or a very sincere James Murphy’s attempt at a confessional. Either way, it’s solid, and a great way to close the record.

LCD Soundsystem – “All My Friends”: mp3
LCD Soundsystem – “New York I Love You”: mp3

(Sound of Silver is in stores now on DFA/Capitol)


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