The Loney-est Number

Photo by David Greenwald

Loney, Dear’s Loney, Noir is not an album of Hulk-like proportions. It’s pretty incredible, though. Out in February, it’s easily the best of 2007 thus far on the indie-pop front, a catchy folk record with arrangements as thick and beautiful as some long-lost wilderness never seen by man. But rather than being a grizzly mess, Mr. Dear (a pseudonym, of course) is a tidy chap, veering effortlessly from one blissful combination of instruments to the next. Listen to this song once for the melodies and twice for the details. And then, you know, if you like it you can always keep listening. (Right-click, save-as…)

Loney, Dear – “I Am John”: mp3

(Buy Loney, Noir from always lovable Sub Pop Records)


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