Centro-matic for the People

Photo by David Greenwald

“Dear Atlanta, won’t you come and bail me out?” Centro-matic’s Fort Recovery was a big surprise for me last year (and the fact that I’d never heard of the band was an even bigger one), so color me excited to hear the Operation Motorcide EP. Compiled from tracks that didn’t make the Fort Recovery LP, it’s a great bonus for fans. You can tell why some of the songs are b-sides, but Centro-matic is a band that’s as consistent as it is profilic and this is a worthy addition to its catalog. “Atlanta” alone, with its Ryan Adams-y acoustic strumming and on-the-sleeve heartache, is worth the purchase.

Centro-matic – “Atlanta”: mp3

From Fort Recovery:
Centro-matic – “Calling Thermatico”: mp3
Centro-matic – “Triggers and Trash Heaps”: mp3

(Operation Motorcide EP is out now on Houston Party Records; buy 2006’s Fort Recovery from Misra Records)


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