Cuban Linx #4

Photo by David Greenwald

I’m moving to New York City for the summer, hopefully in time to see Wilco at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Mark your calendars.

Nah Right has a promo video for new MTV Aziz Ansari show Human Giant, which ordinarily I’d pass on — I find the guy pretty annoying, honestly — but Ghostface Killah makes a can’t-miss appearance. Dude’s Ghostface, all his appearances are can’t miss appearances.

An Aquarium Drunkard has some unbelievable Crosby, Stills & Nash demos here.

Skatterbrain made a springtime mix with one of my favorite songs ever (the Softies’ “Excellent”) so check it out.

Fluxblog had a chat with his bro Marc Hogan and actually went to the trouble of transcribing it. Maybe I should start recording my conversations with Greg. But you should go grab the Field Music track he posted along with it, at any rate.


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