Estamos La Escena Social Rota

Broken Social Scene’s Brendan Canning

Chikita Violenta has a new record out called The Stars and Suns Sessions. It was recorded in Stars and Suns Studios; it was produced by Dave Newfield; Kevin Drew and most of Broken Social Scene play on it. So yeah, it sounds like Broken Social Scene, and that’s awesome. After BSS’s (over-) production debacle with their 2005 album, Newfeld seems to have gotten his shit together. Everything sounds fantastic here, from the crunchy guitars to the handclaps to that now-trademark overwhelming Wall of Post-Rock production. Not all of the songs can quite keep up with the ideas being thrown about (this is not, after all, a BSS record), but more often than not, the band takes full advantage of the BSS sound. Exciting stuff, folks, especially considering Canadian — er, English, which they sing in — isn’t even the Mexican group’s first language.

Chikita Violenta – “Laydown”: mp3
Chikita Violenta – “Undecided”: mp3

(The Stars and Suns Sessions is out now on Noiselab Records)


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